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Take your print shop online with our user-friendly app, making photo printing effortless and enjoyable for your customers.

PrinteePRO App

Who is this for

If you’re a photo lab owner or manufacturer of personalized photo products looking to expand your business online, PrinteePRO can help you attract more clients and grow your business.

Easy Setup

Get your print shop online in minutes with a free account and gain instant access to an intuitive admin dashboard for managing customer orders.

Customizable App

Offer your customers a branded app and products that reflect your photo lab's identity. Gain instant access to exclusive product templates for photo prints, calendars, photobooks, and more, all with a one-click setup.

Global Community

Become part of our global partner network and we will help grow your business, whether it's a photo lab or a creator of unique personalized items.

How It Works

Register for an account, upload your brand logo, choose your product lineup and set your prices. 

Then, print your unique QR code directly from the PrinteePRO Dashboard and display it at your store’s entrance. Just like that, your clients can scan and start ordering.

PrinteePRO Dashboard

Effortless Ordering

Customers can order personalized products from your photo lab anytime, anywhere using our easy-to-navigate iOS or Android app.

No Hidden Costs

No signup fees, setup costs, or monthly maintenance fees. Turn your print shop into an online store without extra costs.

Privacy and Security

We ensure customer photos are encrypted and securely transferred from their phones to your photo lab's computer.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide customers with flexible payment options, including cash on pickup or prepaid via credit cards and PayPal in-app.

Here are the next steps


Sign up, read and confirm the Privacy policy and confirm the creation of the account

Login to your dashboard, where you can find your unique QR code and app download link

You can print the QR code and display it on your shop window, so the passers-by can scan it

You are now all set up! Start receiving orders from anyone, who scans the QR code or opens your link

Plans & Pricing

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Needs.



Your customers pay 1.99€ handling fee per order.



Your customers pay 1.99€ handling fee + 8% transaction fee per order.


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